Singapore Garden Festival 2018 Part 2

The following are the Festival highlights (the ones in BOLD are in an airconditioned environment:

ORCHID EXTRAVAGANZA @ FLOWER DOME. Singapore’s award-winning filmmaker Royston Tan lends his creative touch to Orchid Extravaganza with a floral tribute to the multicultural heritage of Singapore. Set amidst a vivid backdrop of Peranakan shophouses, this year’s orchid display exudes a unique local flavour that celebrates Singapore’s melting pot of cultures. More than 14,000 orchids of over 120 varieties will be featured in a profusion of colours inspired by the vibrant hues of local delights and quintessential items, while clouds of overhanging orchids conjure up images of the smells and smoke that waft through the kitchen.

FANTASY AND LANDSCAPE GARDENS. Featuring approximately 80 sqm creations by top award-winning gardening luminaries from around the world. This year’s festival will feature landscape and garden designers from Australia, France, Ireland, Japan, Malaysia, Singapore, South Africa, United Kingdom and the United States of America.

BALCONY GARDENS. Featuring colourful and inspirational displays for home and apartment owners. Visitors can see how these designers transform 3m by 3m spaces into a soothing retreat.

NON-COMPETITIVE FLORAL WINDOWS TO THE WORLD INSTALLATION. Featuring a kaleidoscopic display of blooms created by Natasha Lisitsa and Daniel Schultz, Best of Show (Floral Windows to the World) designers for SGF 2016.

ASEAN GARDEN. A special display to mark Singapore assuming the Chairmanship of ASEAN this year. ASEAN Garden will showcase a myriad of colourful blossoms symbolic of Southeast Asian nations, including lotuses, hibiscuses and orchids, just to name a few.

LANDSCAPE DESIGN CHALLENGE. 12 teams of students will transform 3m by 3m empty spaces into a garden within the span of four hours.

GARDENERS’ CUP. A friendly competition where 60 groups of community gardeners will be split into five teams to compete for the best show garden.

SECRET GARDEN OF EDIBLES. Visitors can see fruits and vegetables from temperate climates. Expect to see colourful edibles, fragrant plants, and many more.

OTHER FAVOURITES. Other favourites include Learning Garden, displays by the Floral Designers Society (Singapore), students as young as six years old, Singapore Penjing & Stone Appreciation Society and Singapore Gardening Society, as well as various educational talks.

MARKETPLACE. With over 100 booths offering food and beverages, plants, botanical resources, and arts and crafts for sale. Visitors can also look forward to performances by local musicians. Credit: Singapore Flower Festival.