19 Places To Visit In Outer London

Time Out is a British travel magazine published by Time Out Group. Time Out started its publication in 1968 and had expanded its editorial recommendations to 108 cities worldwide. It was first published as a London listings magazine by Tony Elliott, who used birthday money to produce a one-sheet pamphlet, with Bob Harris as co-editor. The London edition of Time Out became a free magazine in September 2012. Time Out‘s London magazine was hand distributed at central London stations and received its first official ABC Certificate for October 2012 showing a distribution of over 305,000 copies per week which was the largest distribution in the history of the brand. This strategy increased revenue by 80 per cent with continued upsurge. Elliott launched Time Out New York (TONY), his North American magazine debut, in 1995. The magazine procured young and upcoming talent to provide cultural reviews for young New Yorkers at the time. The success of TONY led to the introduction of Time Out New York Kids, a quarterly magazine aimed at families. The expansion continued with Elliott licensing the Time Out brand worldwide spreading the magazine to 39 cities including Istanbul, Dubai, Beijing, Hong Kong and Lisbon.

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