300 Free Ivy League University Courses You Can Take Online

There are hundreds of free Ivy League online courses available from prestigious universities such as Harvard, Yale, University of Pennsylvania, and Dartmouth. These Ivy League online courses are entirely free of charge, but if you want to receive an online certificate, there is a small fee of around $50 for each course. Two of the main organisations that offer free Ivy League online courses to students are Coursera and EdX. These two organisations are founded to let students around the world take free online courses to increase their knowledge. Coursera’s slogan is “Take the world’s best courses, online,” and EdX’s slogan is “Free Online Courses. Advance Your Career.  Improve Your Life.” These slogan emphasises their desire to provide the highest quality education to students free of charge which will lead to better jobs and lifestyles. Hundreds of excellent universities including the Ivy League universities have provided the online courses to the companies. To get access to these courses, you will need to register a free account with either Coursera or EdX. After you have created your account, you will need to enrol in the class to have access to these free online courses.

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