A Food Tour Of Cilento, Campania

A Food Tour Of Cilento, Campania.

Cilento is an Italian geographical region of Campania in the central and southern part of the Province of Salerno and an important tourist area of southern Italy. The Cilento Coast is one of the most unspoiled parts of the Campania region, and it’s just two hours south of the chaos of Naples. This part of Italy is still hugely off the tourist radar. The whole point of a holiday there is to sit on the (mostly) rocky beaches, then indulge in a long lunch, shop, have an apertivo and then indulge in another long dinner. Open some kayak or stand-up paddle boarding rental shops, and I’ll likely be singing a different tune. The people of the Cilento seemed to be a bit more like the coast itself: wild and rugged. Here is where the Italian adventurers have been hiding, or rather, flocking each summer. But in true Italian fashion, even the adventurers can appreciate the finer things in life. Credit: Luxe Adventure Traveler.

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