Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018

Cybersecurity Predictions For 2018.

Cybersecurity is the practice of protecting systems, networks, and programs from digital attacks. These attacks are usually aimed at accessing, changing, or destroying sensitive information; extorting money from users; or interrupting normal business processes. Implementing effective cybersecurity measures is particularly challenging today because there are more devices than people, and attackers are becoming more innovative. A successful cybersecurity approach has multiple layers of protection spread across the computers, networks, programs, or data that one intends to keep safe. In an organisation, the people, processes, and technology must all complement one another to create an effective defence from cyber attacks.

In today’s connected world, everyone benefits from advanced cyberdefense programs. At an individual level, a cybersecurity attack can result in everything from identity theft, to extortion attempts, to the loss of important data like family photos. Everyone relies on critical infrastructures like power plants, hospitals, and financial service companies. Securing these and other organisations are essential to keeping our society functioning.

Everyone also benefits from the work of cyberthreat researchers, like the team of 250 threat researchers at Talos, who investigate new and emerging threats and cyber attack strategies. They reveal new vulnerabilities, educate the public on the importance of cybersecurity, and strengthen open source tools. Their work makes the Internet safer for everyone.

Cyber Security is a rapidly evolving industry, projected to become a $232 billion global market by 2022. This estimated valuation reflects a significant rise from last year, in which the market value reached $137.8 billion worldwide in 2017, marking an impressive Compound Annual Growth Rate of 11%. The emergence of mobile platforms and cloud-based enterprise apps, coupled with the increased adoption of advanced technologies such as fingerprint identification and biometrics have collectively fueled a notable spike in the space. Although cybersecurity is attracting greater attention across the globe, the United States stands as the dominant force leading the charge for innovation. Credit: CISCO and Forbes.

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