A Chronicler Of ISIS Killing Machine Goes Public

A Chronicler Of ISIS Killing Machine Goes Public.

Some 18 months after Mosul fell, he packed his bag with his most treasured possessions before going to bed; the 1 terabyte hard drive with his evidence against the Islamic State group, an orange notebook half-filled with notes on Ottoman history, and, a keepsake, the first book from Amazon delivered to Mosul. The anonymous blog Mosul Eye became a fascinating insight into life in the Iraqi city overtaken by the Islamic State in 2014 for two years and 39 days. It revealed horrendous atrocities being committed by ISIS in the city, from human rights abuses to beheadings. Some of his blogs, including those of a fatwa that all disabled children should be killed, and Iraqi Army soldiers throwing ISIS fighters to their deaths after Mosul was liberated, became worldwide news. On 7 December 2017, now safe in Europe, the 31-year-old historian and teacher Omar Mohammed has revealed his identity as Mosul Eye. The blog’s content is typically written in English and often Arabic and is mirrored to a Wordpress blog and Twitter account in case the blogger loses access to the Facebook page or it is censored. Scholar Rasha al Aqeedi, a native of Mosul, described the blog’s perspective and ideology as reflecting “Mosul’s young intelligentsia; the will to review Islam and question religious texts and the fault lines along historic narratives.”

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