Ten Best Winter Sun And Sea Destinations

Ten Best Winter Sun And Sea Destinations.

If you live in the northern hemisphere and have an itch to get away for a few weeks from winter, then perhaps travelling somewhere to the sun-drenched equatorial region and/or the southern hemisphere would be an alternative. In this Guardian article, the jumping off point is London, and depending on your preferences and budget, to the west of the United Kingdom, across the Atlantic, will be the profiled beaches of central and south America (i.e., Mexico and Colombia), or South Africa at the tip of the African continent, or the more exotic seaside resorts of the east (i.e., Sri Lanka, India, Thailand, Malaysia and Vietnam), and farthest away still – Australia. Do check out the rainy season in each of these regions as they vary; for example, the prevailing monsoon season in southeast Asia may dampen your holiday sun over several months. Furthermore, do check with your respective foreign service’s country advisories for other safety concerns.

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