Amazon Tribe’s Medicinal Agroforestry to Save Forests

Amazon Tribe’s Medicinal Agroforestry to Save Forests.

Amazon Tribe’s Medicinal Agroforestry to Save ForestsIn September 2017, Volume II of the Matsés Traditional Medicine Encyclopedia, Neste Tantiaquidon Chuibanaid 2, was delivered to all 14 Matsés villages! 537 pages in length, the second volume is divided into 5 chapters, is hardbound and beautifully illustrated. The two volumes of the Encyclopedia together comprise nearly 1,100 pages covering over 800 medicines, including treatments for 40 categories of Matsés recognized diseases. Matsés elders, leaders, and representatives from all 14 communities in Perú, unanimously agreed that, after five years of diligent work, the Encyclopedia project is complete! The Encyclopedia was drafted, typed up, reviewed, and edited entirely by the Matsés themselves. This is what made the initiative so revolutionary and the first of its kind. There were no outsiders coming in to document their knowledge, no ethnobotanical expeditions, and no translations. The entire encyclopedia was written by the Matsés in their own villages, in their own words, and in their own language. All the photographs included in the Encyclopedia were taken by the Matsés themselves and the illustrations were drawn by a talented young Matsés artist. This incredible accomplishment by the Matsés people is all the more remarkable and inspirational considering sustained contact with the outside world occurred less than a half-century ago. Credit: Acate Amazon Conservation.

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Amazon tribe creates 500-page traditional medicine encyclopedia