School Holiday Break At Johor Bahru

School Holiday Break At Johor Bahru.

A short holiday was taken with the Tay family just across the the Causeway in the Malaysian state of Johor during the first of a six weeks’ school break. We stayed at Jen Hotel in Puteri Harbour, Johor Bahru. The Hotel is on the edge of the Johor Strait, with Singapore across from it. It was a slightly longer stay, at a more relaxing pace, as we once again frequented the local malls, various eating haunts, and playgrounds. Catching-up on the just released exceedingly fast-paced action movie Justice League was one of the children’s first goals. As the photographs indicated, Austin Hills, Fanpekka, and the bookshops at the Aeon Malls remain favourites with the kids. The overcast skies, with occasional showers, kept the temperatures tolerably down a couple of degrees for a cooler outdoor experience. Mornings remain a casual affair with late and leisurely breakfasts, with the Hotel’s wide tempting cuisine. Strolling by the quiet and neatly kept harbour front after meals became a routine. The last sunny morning offered a dip in the Hotel’s infinity pool, before making our way back to Singapore.