A Holiday Blogging Break


Our year-end holiday escapade has arrived. A blogging break for Living Coram Deo will commence on Tuesday, 21 November to Sunday, 26 November 2017. However, my Twitter account will remain active.

I had been asked a few times how I select articles for this Blog. Well, I basically put up stories and commentaries that personally interest me from a spread of dependable international online news media outlets. At times, you may have noted that a variety of seemingly contradictory pieces were posted – this is due largely to the views of media writers – from left-leaning or conservative or more moderate news outlets, whose views I do not necessarily endorse. But overall, the published material provides us a wider balanced coverage of sentiments and deliberations that ought to enhance our own evaluative process. It would be a sad day if we just gravitate towards and digest opinions that mirror our own. In order to create a repository to hold the relevant content for personal reference, I commenced working on a WordPress blog page over time –  a thoroughly enjoyable project. Frankly, I did not anticipate the interests shown so far from the public web-sphere for this Blog, for which I am pleasantly surprised. Anyway, do explore the Blog and catch-up on the articles that particularly interest you. Many thanks for visiting Living Coram Deo.