The Future Of Cybersecurity

The Future Of Cybersecurity.

In 2017, we have seen a deluge of cyber penetration of a host of businesses and organisations, that impacted both governmental and commercial services, with millions of individual confidential data being compromised. This has inevitably exposed the scant attention that enterprises have paid to cybersecurity within their organisations, thereby systematically eroding the trust they had built up with their clientele over the years. Security of clients’ information can no longer be sacrificed for profitability. WIRED Security 2017 was held in London in September, to discuss the latest innovations, trends and threats in enterprise cyber defence, security intelligence and cybersecurity. From DDoS attacks to data manipulation, new cybersecurity regulations to organised fraud, businesses and consumers alike are faced with ever greater levels of security threats. Hackers are getting more and more innovative, and it is more important than ever that security professionals and business leaders understand what the latest trends and developments are to combat such threats. For its second year running, WIRED Security involved 20 new industry-leading speakers, together with contributions from an interesting array of promising startups and growth-stage companies working in the forefront of the software, intelligence and security services. The one-day event was organised for policymakers, hackers, enterprises, regulators, security software specialists, data brokers, cryptographers, social media companies, academics, startups, law enforcement and the intelligence community. Event sponsors included Nominet, Veridium, HackerOne, Acuity Market Intelligence, Alda Media, BiometricUpdate, Cambridge Network, CrowdReviews, Cyber Security Practitioner, Counter Terror Business, Embedded Security News, F6S, Information Security Forum, Payments & Cards Network, Transmit Start-Ups, and Society for the Study of Artificial Intelligence and Simulation of Behavior.

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