World’s Top Cities For International Travellers

World’s Top Cities For International Travellers.

This year’s Top 100 City Destinations Ranking in terms of inbound 2015 tourist arrivals indicated that Hong Kong garnered the top spot again, despite a fall of 3.9% arrivals over 2014 figures. Mainland Chinese travellers continued to be the main visitors to the city. Bangkok was in second place, followed by London. Five of the top ten places were Asian cities (Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore, Macau and Kuala Lumpur), two from the Middle East (Dubai and Istanbul), two from Europe (London and Paris) and New York City.

City arrivals data were sourced directly from national statistics offices, airport arrivals, hotel and accommodation stays or other methods for all 58 core countries and 77 additional market insight countries. Main secondary sources included: governmental, inter-governmental and other official sources; national and international specialist trade press and trade associations; industry study groups and other semi-official sources; and reports published by major operators, travel retailers, online databases and the financial, business and mainstream press. Trade interviews were conducted with national tourist offices, trade associations and travel operators to fill gaps in secondary research. Euromonitor International’s arrivals figures exclude same-day visitors, people in transit and cruise passengers as this can distort arrival figures at important border crossings and cruise destinations, respectively. It also excludes those in paid employment abroad. Students that stay in a country for a period of more than 12 months are excluded and are considered as temporary residents. Military personnel and transportation crew are excluded, along with displaced people because of war or natural disasters. The ranking focuses on capital city hubs and tends to exclude beach and ski resorts that may enjoy high volumes of international visitors.

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