Your Blood May Predict Your Future Health

Your Blood May Predict Your Future Health.

Understanding Society is an innovative, internationally important study following the lives of people living in the UK. It is the largest longitudinal study of its kind and provides crucial information for researchers and policy makers on the causes and consequences of change in people’s lives. The study is underpinned by world-leading methodological research. Researchers have access to high-quality designed and harvested data supported by innovative experimentation, development and testing. It covers all ages, allowing the researchers to understand the experiences of the whole population over time, and there is continuous data collection, where people are interviewed every year so that short and long term change can be investigated. It includes the whole household, so that relations between generations, siblings and couples can be explored. National, regional and local data are collected from all four countries of the UK allowing researchers to compare the experiences of people in different place, covering a range of social, economic and behavioural factors.

Study data can be linked, with consent, to administrative records from other sources, including government departments, allowing researchers to build a richer picture of households. The Study includes an Ethnic Minority Boost which allows the experiences of specific ethnic minority groups to be investigated. Biomarkers and genetic data: health-related information collected by nurses allow researchers to investigate the relationship between social and economic circumstances and health. Researchers can use the Innovation Panel, a unique resource for carrying out experimental longitudinal and methodological research.

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