Scotland, A Most Beautiful Country

Scotland, A Most Beautiful Country.

Rough Guides is a leading travel publisher known for its “tell it like it is” attitude, accurate, up-to-date content and authoritative contemporary writing. In the summer of 1981, Mark Ellingham, just graduated from Bristol University, was travelling around Greece and couldn’t find a guidebook that remotely met his needs. It was here that he met Martin Dunford, who was in Greece teaching English at the time. On their return to the UK, in a bid to avoid getting “real jobs,” Mark, Martin and a small group of writers set about creating their own guidebook series; a series that aimed to combine a journalistic approach to description with a practical approach to travellers’ needs. Published in 1982, the first Rough Guide – to Greece – became a publishing phenomenon. The immediate success of the book spawned a series that rapidly covered dozens of destinations, and acquired a broad readership that relished Rough Guides’ wit and inquisitiveness as much as their enthusiastic, critical approach. These days, Rough Guides publishes books covering more than 120 destinations around the globe, produces an ever-growing series of ebooks and a range of reference titles, and has an award-winning website. A Rough Guide survey that picked Scotland as the most beautiful in the article listed. Credit: Rough Guide.

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