Try These Places To Avoid Other Tourists

Try These Places To Avoid Other Tourists.

Local residents are warning that top European vacation destinations are being ruined by hordes of tourists that generate too much noise, pollute the environment and drive up rents. The backlash has been on full display this summer in cities including Barcelona, Venice, Dubrovnik and Prague, which have all seen their visitor numbers rise thanks to an increase in cheap regional flights and new travel services like Airbnb. Tourism has boosted the local economies, but residents say their neighbourhoods are being transformed into Disney-style theme parks. “Certain European destinations are suffering under the strain of excessive tourism,” analysts at Euromonitor International wrote in a recent research note. “It is obvious that strategies are needed to cope with a large tourism demand.” Analysts say that increased tourism and higher costs have helped decimate the Italian city’s population, which has dropped by roughly two thirds in 50 years. The UNESCO World Heritage Committee has expressed “extreme concern” about the impact of the tourism boom on Venice’s historical sites. Locals, meanwhile, have protested pollution from big cruise ships and the rising cost of living. The city is now pushing back. It has boosted the number of tourist police at tourist hotspots, banned new takeaway shop and taken steps to limit the numbers of new hotel rooms. It has also launched an information campaign which instructs tourists how to behave in no fewer than 11 languages. Credit Ivana Kottasova for CNN 25 August 2017.

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