In Search Of Vietnam’s Kidnapped Brides

In Search Of Vietnam’s Kidnapped Brides.

Humanity United (HU), part of the Omidyar Group, works to protect some of the world’s most vulnerable populations from exploitation. In particular, it works in the areas of modern-day slavery and human trafficking. HU also supports global peace-building efforts and preventing mass atrocities. Established in 2005, Humanity United is classified as both a social welfare organisation and public charity, it awards grants to organisations that promote justice, engage in peace-building, advance human rights, and combat human atrocities. Humanity United’s Peace-building programme concentrates on policy-strengthening advocacy, the development of strong peace and security strategies, and preventing and responding to global human atrocities. The organisation works with key peace-building players, including the U.S. government, civil society outfits and the international community at large. It currently focuses its peacemaking attentions on the Democratic Republic of Congo, Liberia, South Sudan and Sudan. Humanity United’s Advancing Freedom programme also gives to organisations that combat modern-day slavery both at home and abroad. An affiliated project, the Alliance to End Slavery and Trafficking was established in 2007 to end human trafficking and modern day slavery. Humanity United’s grant-making revolves around several programmes: Human Trafficking and Labor Migration, Public Policy and Government Relations, Strategic Communications, and Supply Chains and Forced Labor. Credit: Humanity United.

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