Silicon Valley Siphons Our Data Like Oil

Silicon Valley Siphons Our Data Like Oil.

How are the enormous banks of data that are being collected online by companies like Facebook and Google used to generate their increasing share of their income pie? Assuredly, they make no apologies that you and I subsist for their clientele, viz., the companies they advertise for on their apps by flogging their goods and service to us. We have never been their customers; from the very beginning we remain their consumers. This article gives us a picture of what we can expect in the future, as technological advances are made and more surveillance or data collection points are set up in shopping malls and supermarkets, in department stores and online businesses, to data mine our purchasing habits and preferences. Unless you are totally technology adverse, have never touched a computer, carried a smart phone or pad, or belonged to a mobile social platform, and lived incommunicado most of your life, it is inevitable that Google and/or Facebook know more about you than your spouse, parents or children, perhaps even yourself. Fascinating, yet frighteningly intrusive! This is the brave new world we live in today.

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