Who Are The Neo-Nazis?

Who Are The Neo-Nazis?

Neo-Nazis, literally meaning “new” Nazis, is a general term referring to all social or political movements that work to reintroduce concepts of the Nazi period of 1933 to 1945 in Europe, and are based upon the racial policies of fascism. By definition, all manifestations of neo-Nazism need to have emerged after the fall of the original Nazi regime, which was brought to an end by the allied victory in Europe, sealed in May 1945 with the German surrender. These groups can be found internationally, including in modern-day Germany, despite aggressive governmental attempts to limit their influence on society. They are largely defined by their philosophies, which are based upon an allegiance to Adolf Hitler and usually include a dedication to anti-Semitism and racism. These groups can be militaristic and, on occasion, violent. The constantly changing global political and social environments of recent decades have contributed greatly to the ability of the neo-Nazi movement to grow. With the breakdown of the Soviet Union and the communist control over Eastern Europe, large populations of young people facing desperate economic and social conditions have been turning to neo-Nazism. With the increased passage of time since the end of World War II, those nations that were most negatively impacted by the war, like Germany and Russia, are becoming less traumatized by the events of that period, leading to the slow reemergence of hate groups like the neo-Nazis. An ever-global world has brought about the increased flood of foreign immigration into countries like Germany, which has served to provide the neo-Nazis with a target for their hatred. The Internet has served as a critical resource for hate groups that rely on the borderless nature of the world wide web to reach populations all over the globe and are able to spread their message, often without concern for the legality of their sites. At the same time, with much of the world voicing considerable opposition to the messages being advocated by groups like neo-Nazis, they have limited impacts upon the overall population and operate on the outskirts of society. Credit: Encyclopedia.Com

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