Fastest Growing Asian Cities In Next 5 Years

Fastest Growing Asian Cities In Next 5 Years.

The emerging markets of India, Brazil, and China in particular, have been the story of the century so far, with rapid economic development driving poverty reduction and rising prosperity on an unprecedented scale. Meanwhile, having recovered from a profound financial crisis, most of the developed world is starting to return to solid growth. But when we look below the national level, it is the world’s major cities that are the powerhouses of global growth. Teeming with industry and services, brimming with innovation, and home to swelling and increasingly more skilled and diverse labour forces, the world’s 750 biggest cities today account for some 57% of global GDP. By 2030 the 750 look set to contribute close to a staggering US$80 trillion to the world economy (61% of total world GDP) and, with it, offer vast commercial opportunity for those who can serve their needs in everything from office space to cooking oil. Chinese cities will be at the heart of a radical shift in the urban centre of economic gravity by 2030. Eight European cities will drop out of the global top 50 cities by GDP by 2030, while nine new Chinese cities will join that group, taking the Chinese total to 17. This total of 17 Chinese cites in world’s top 50 in 2030 is more than North America and four times more than Europe. Credit: Oxford Economics Future Trends And Market Opportunities In The World’s Largest 750 Cities.

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