Gardens By The Bay Orchid Extravaganza (Part 1)

Gardens By The Bay Orchid Extravaganza (Part 1).

Like a butterfly emerging from its chrysalis, Singapore has gone through a dramatic metamorphosis to become the vibrant metropolis of today. This year, the “Orchid Extravaganza” floral display tells the story of Singapore through the motif of a butterfly’s life cycle. Stunning orchids in myriad shapes and colours will fill a landscape depicting the stages of a butterfly’s growth, including a ‘Chrysalis’ structure in the main Flower Field. Visitors can look forward to seeing​ orchid varieties such as Phalaenopsis, Vanda, Dendrobium, Grammatophyllum and many others. There will also be a sculpture of 52 butterflies – in celebration of Singapore’s 52nd National Day – in the shape of Singapore. This floral display is put together by award-winning garden designer Peter Cheok, who has received numerous accolades for his works including at the Singapore Garden Festival and Ellerslie International Flower Show in New Zealand. Do look out also for the Vanda Miss Joaquim. Singapore is the only country in the world to have an orchid hybrid, Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ (also known as Papilionanthe ‘Miss Joaquim’) as its national flower. The Vanda ‘Miss Joaquim’ was chosen in 1981 for its vibrant colours and resilience, qualities that reflect the Singapore Spirit. The plant is named after Agnes Joaquim (1854 – 1899), an avid gardener and orchid breeder, as it was first found in her garden. The Orchid Extravaganza display at the Flower Dome will remain until Sunday, 20 August, 2017. Credit: Gardens By the Bay.

Photo Credit: Zheluo Cai