Environmental Defenders Murdered Globally

Environmental Defenders Murdered Globally.

Protection International (PI) is an international non-profit organization that provides protection strategies and tools for security management to human rights defenders who are at risk. Since 2004, PI has been working with local partners in over thirty countries across the globe. Exploitation of natural resources often arises in ways that violate the human rights and fundamental freedom of local communities. When communities start organising themselves to defend their rights, they find themselves opposing powerful private and public interests. Community leaders and members may become the targets of harassment, threats and even aggression. The involvement of national and transnational corporations adds a layer of complexity. As well as the fact that many of the projects take place in remote and rural areas. Isolation adds an important factor to the risk that human rights defenders face. They lack access to authorities that should offer protection. PI provides tools and strategies to people who defend human rights, in order to protect themselves. They support individuals, organisations, networks, and communities whose right to defend human rights is being violated through threats, judicial harassment, stigmatisation, or other forms of repression. PI has offices in DR Congo, East Africa, Guatemala, Colombia, Thailand, the EU, Indonesia, and the UK. Credit Protection International

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