The Paradox Of Evil

The Paradox Of Evil.

The Paradox of evil is this, however, that the providence of God uses the intense suffering it permits to perfect the Son himself and to perfect all those who, by holy baptism, have been made sons. The fiery baptism of pain becomes, by Christ’s bearing of it and deliberately going under it on the Cross, a resource which God uses when, by the Holy Spirit, he draws alongside all those who are undergoing the same affliction. The Holy Spirit, the hovering Dove over the still waters in the baptism of Jordan and at every font, becomes the groaning Spirit of Christ crucified and afflicted. All God’s breakers and billows crash over his head. He is drowning under the curse of sin and vicarious suffering. The metaphors gather at the Cross, the Lamb of God is dipped in the deep waters of redemptive suffering.

Frank lake, 1966.