How The World Ignores War’s Greatest Scandal

How The World Ignores War’s Greatest Scandal.

The 2017 Global Report on Internal Displacement published by the Norwegian Refugee Council (GRID) examines the connections between internal and cross-border displacement. It shows that people unable to find safety by fleeing within their own country eventually embark on dangerous journeys across borders in search of refuge and a better life. It also indicates that refugees and migrants who return or are deported back to conditions similar to those that led to their flight risk becoming displaced again. This will only add to the country’s existing number of internally displaced people. Given the current attention to these issues, and that patterns and trajectories vary significantly from one country to another, a much stronger evidence base is needed. This year’s GRID continues to publish estimates and analysis of people internally displaced by conflict, violence and disasters in a single report. Many more people were displaced once again by disasters than conflict, showing that disaster risk reduction remains a core priority of our times. In addition to large scale and sudden-onset events, slowly developing food security crises triggered by drought and exacerbated by existing vulnerabilities and protracted conflict also continue to affect millions of people. A significant number of new internal displacements in 2016 had multiple causes.

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