Tips For Better Passwords

Tips For Better Passwords.

This article from Consumer Reports gives us some handles for crafting better passwords. If you are into social media and the internet, generating passwords for access to your various apps or programmes would be a familiar activity. However, generating a good password may be a bit more challenging and how to keep track of it and store it safely, if you possess several accounts, would be an issue to consider. Nowadays, passwords can be stolen, perhaps not directly from your hard disk, but from the companies whose apps and programmes you have subscribed to, paid or otherwise. So it may be advisable to change your passwords every few months. The precaution being, we will not know when our account(s) had been compromised, until the owners of the programmes we use, choose to divulge. These incriminating revelations usually take months before they are made public – by which time your account(s) and computer may been broken into without your knowledge for months. Sometimes, companies just keep quite about it as their reputation is very much at stake! In a few advanced countries, any breaches of a company’s digital security would require a public report to a government authority, but in most countries, there are no mandatory regulations for this issue.

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