The Next Generation Of Jobs Won’t Be Made Up Of Professions

The Next Generation Of Jobs Won’t Be Made Up Of Professions.

This interesting short article on a future workplace experience, with its provocative title, is worthwhile pondering, as the way forward for an increasing number of jobs in the present market seem to be changing. They call it the portfolio career, that is engineered more on a project and time-limited basis, rather than a life-long career. Skill-based development, as human resource specialists will inform us, is focused on the innate individual skills or motivations that we all possess differentially. Therefore, there is a need to identify those skills, rather than strengthening and developing skill-sets that are absent, which is counter-productive. However, I am not all that sure for those specialist professions, especially in the scientific and technological fields (eg., doctors, computer engineers, statisticians, etc), will be entirely sidelined, perhaps not for a long time to come. This is simply due to their specialisation in training and particular skills that are prerequisites. The identification of individual skills is critically important, so that we move away from job mismatches, where ‘square pegs are fitted into round holes.’ However, mobility and transferability of skills will be relevant from within certain professions. The marketability of one’s skill-sets with reference to the scope and variability of employment opportunities is far wider today than say two decades previously. That appears to be the emphasis of this article in preparing a future generation of young adults for their role in a more flexible in an open economy.

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