Crime Threatens 45% Of World’s Natural Heritage Sites

Crime Threatens 45% Of World’s Natural Heritage Sites.

There are 203 Natural World Heritage Sites listed in 2017; with 42 sites on the African continent, 61 in Asia, and 37 in South America. Of these, 18 sites are categorised as facing

(A) Specific and proven imminent dangers such as:

  • A serious decline in the population of the endangered species or the other species of Outstanding Universal Value for which the site was legally established to protect, either by natural factors such as disease or by human‑made factors such as poaching;
  • Severe deterioration of the natural beauty or scientific value of the site, as by human settlement, construction of reservoirs which flood important parts of the property, industrial and agricultural development including use of pesticides and fertilisers, major public works, mining, pollution, logging, firewood collection, etc; and
  • Human encroachment on boundaries or in upstream areas which threaten the integrity of the site. Or

(B) Potential dangers, such as:

  • a modification of the legal protective status of the area;
  • planned resettlement or development projects within the property or so situated that the impacts threaten the property;
  • outbreak or threat of armed conflict;
  • the management plan or management system is lacking or inadequate, or not fully implemented; and
  • threatening impacts of climatic, geological or other environmental factors.

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