How Humans Are Shaping Our Own Evolution

How Humans Are Shaping Our Own Evolution.

There have been a slew of articles lately on the scientific advances made in the last few years, and this long article is one of them, exploring the possibilities in human development. Neil Harbisson’s disability and his subsequent unusual implant to his brain, kicks us off in this essay. The intractable ability of humans to adapt has made it possible for us to survive through even the most severe of conditions and epidemics. Just taking into consideration one of these developments, the Genome Project, a total sequencing of the human DNA, had enabled us to track the development of our genetic variants and explain the particular presence of defects within each of us. This has opened up a whole new scientific vista in the search for antidotes for chronic and fatal diseases that had remained unsolvable for generations. Quite apart from that, we are learning to understand how our environment have shaped our epigenetics and in turn our DNA over each generation.

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