Limitless Love For God

Limitless Love For God.

He, who is so great, loves us so much; he loves us freely, little and poor and worthless as we are. That is why I said … that measure of our love for God there should be none. For since love given to God is given to the infinite and measureless, what measure or what limit could it have? He, the unmeasured and eternal God, he who is Love beyond all human ken, whose greatness knows no bounds, whose wisdom has no end, loves. Shall we, then, set a limit to our love for him? I will love thee, O Lord my strength, my stony rock and my defence, my Saviour, my one desire and love. My God, my helper, I will love thee with all my power thou hast given me; not worthily, for that can never be, but to the full of my capacity. Do what I will, I never can discharge my debt to thee, and I can love thee only according to the power that thou hast given me. But I will love thee more and more, as thou seest fit to give the further power; yet never, never, as thou shouldst be loved.

Bernard of Clairvaux, 1130.