The Tibetan Kingdom Of Women

The Tibetan Kingdom Of Women.

This is an interesting article on one of the Tibetan kingdoms in southwestern China that is matriarchal. The history and origins of the Mosuo culture have been lost in antiquity. They do not possess a written language, so their entire history is orally passed down from generation to generation, mostly through local priests called “Daba.” There are occasional references in Chinese written history, but due to the many different names that have been used throughout history, it can often be impossible to demonstrate that these definitely refer to the Mosuo. Some people trace their heritage back to Mongolia, others consider them to be native to the Yunnan or Sichuan area. In the end, it is difficult to prove or disprove any of these theories. However, they are a Chinese ethnic minority group who presently live high in the Himalayas, in an area straddling Yunnan and Sichuan provinces, close to the Tibetan border. Although officially classified as part of the Naxi minority by the Chinese government, they are actually quite a different group, with different language, culture, religion, etc. Most people who know about the Mosuo tend to identify them with Lugu Lake, however, the majority do not live at the lake, but rather in small towns and villages scattered throughout the mountains. Estimates as to their numbers vary, but are most likely around 40,000. Credit: The Lugu Lake Cultural Development Association.

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