The Guide To Spring Clean Your Computer

The Guide To Spring Clean Your Computer.

There is no doubt that we need cleaning up our old emails from time-to-time, but spring-cleaning our computer is another matter. When we login to our computer, there’s nothing more distracting than seeing a desktop covered with aged random files, application shortcuts, and folders. We tend to think of the desktop as a workspace, and while it is fine to put it to use when we are working on a specific project, we should always clean it up before we shutdown for the night. Put important documents into folders, sort through our media, and delete all our shortcuts. Once you have your desktop in shape, it’s time to take things a level further. David Nield guides us through this delicate process. If in doubt, have someone do it for you or just leave it. Spring-clean is necessary to speed up computer processes and to get rid of software that we had downloaded, but have not used and unlikely to use in the future.

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