Siberia’s Methane-Filled Permafrost Ready To Explode

Siberia’s Methane-Filled Permafrost Ready To Explode.

There are over 7,000 gas-filled underground ‘bubbles’ in the Yamal and Gydan peninsulas, a remote part of Siberia that are set to explode, scientists have discovered. Alexey Titovsky, director of Yamal Department for Science and Innovation, told the Siberian Times that understanding the ‘bubbles’ is of paramount importance to assessing the risk they pose. This phenomenon is a consequence of climate change. The Russian tundra is in a state of permafrost, where the deeper layers of soil, rock, and sediments are frozen. Due to global warming, the permafrost is thawing, which leads to a release of gas trapped in the ground. A spokesman for the Ural branch of Russian Academy of Science said, ‘Gas bubbles were discovered during a summer 2016 expedition to Bely island.’ As permafrost comprises 24 percent of the land in the Northern Hemisphere, assessing the amount of greenhouse gasses trapped in the soil and how much they might be released could help us better plan for the future.

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