The Weaponisation Of Healthcare In The Syrian Conflict

The Weaponisation Of Healthcare In The Syrian Conflict.

There is something innately evil and barbaric when ambulances and hospitals are being targeted even in an arena of conflict. The medical profession, no matter which side of the war doctors, nurses and medical auxiliaries find themselves, saving the lives of wounded civilians and soldiers, irrespective of affiliation, puts them in a neutral position under the Geneva Conventions, which established the standards of international law for humanitarian treatment in war. The increasing atrocities perpetrated by the Syrian regime, together with Russia’s connivance, in targeting and destroying medical facilities in Aleppo and elsewhere, warrant further adjudication by the International Criminal Court, in bringing the perpetrators to justice. There is sufficient irrefutable evidence in the ongoing Syrian conflict to justify these charges. These heinous war crimes, perpetrated by a permanent member of the Security Council, cannot be just ignored and swept under the carpet.

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