The Last Things That Will Make Us Uniquely Human

The Last Things That Will Make Us Uniquely Human.

A second Industrial Revolution or machine age is upon us and although its creeping advancement has not been that pronounced as yet, the schools and colleges of higher learning will need to prepare our future generations for large scale industrial automative orientation. In a recent separate report in the United Kingdom, robotics could replace over 250,000 public sector jobs in the next 15 years, as public services are made safer, smarter and more affordable. The car and music industries are just recent illustrations of what could happen throughout our industrial landscape. In robotics, Japan is leading the ‘Big Five’ countries in their expansion from manufacturing into domestic work, healthcare and transport (viz., driverless cars). Governments and corporations in Japan, the US and Germany are focused on high-spec medical and engineering robotics; China and South Korea are pushing ahead with consumer applications. Advanced data analytics, materials science, and access to huge banks of info via ‘cloud robotics’ are transforming the artificial intelligence industry. For example, one million Americans have already undergone robotic surgery. In terms of potential, robotics today is where the internet was 20 years ago. This short article warns us on the future of industries and the industries of the future, and to be prepared for it.

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