Restoring Christianity’s Holy Site In Israel

Restoring Christianity’s Holy Site In Israel.

The Aedicule of the Tomb, shared among three religious communities, has the layout of a tomb from the time of Jesus, formed by a passageway in which the body was anointed and wrapped in a linen cloth, and placed in a separate burial chamber. In 1808 there was a devastating fire, and the present Aedicule was built in 1810 by the Greek Orthodox community. It is covered by a flat roof with a small Russian-style dome at its center, whose “onion” is supported by narrow columns; the side panels are decorated with inscriptions in Greek inviting people and nations to praise the Risen Christ. Behind the candlesticks of the different religious communities, the facade of the Aedicule appears framed by an architectural style characterised by twisted columns, carved ornaments, cornices, inscriptions, paintings and oil lamps.
 Since the period of the British Mandate, the Aedicule has been encased in a cradle of steel girders due to concerns about its stability. This story charts the genesis of the urgent repair work and the various ones responsible for its undertaking.

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