20 Million Face Starvation And Famine

20 Million Face Starvation And Famine.

Faced with drought over the last two years, and ongoing internal and external conflicts, northeastern Nigeria, South Sudan, Somalia and Yemen, with 20 million people at risk, have slipped into starvation and famine, the UN reported. The emaciated children in Somalia and the Yemen have already been profiled regularly in the media in the preceding months; over 1.4 million children are reported to be at the point of imminent death. Famine is a rare and specific state, and it is only declared after three specific criteria are met: (1) when one in five households in a certain area face extreme food shortages; (2) more than 30 percent of the population is acutely malnourished; and (3) at least two people for every 10,000 die each day. The chief economist for the World Food Program in Rome, Arif Husain, said: “When you declare a famine, bad things have already happened. People have already died.” Famine was last declared in Somalia in July 2011, after an estimated 260,000 people had died, mostly within a two-month period.

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