The Men America Left Behind

The Men America Left Behind.

In the American Psychological Association’s February 2017 issue of Monitor on Psychology, the economic, emotional and physical struggles of white American working-class men were highlighted. More than 11% of men age 25 to 54 were unemployed and not seeking work, and it is rising! Prior to the Presidential election last year, federal data were released to indicate this growing divide, but few recognised how this would pan out in the ensuing voting patterns. The 2016 presidential election has awakened their political power and reshaped the course of the campaign. Their anger — which had brought millions to the polls, particularly on the Republican side — has prompted the candidates to focus heavily on manufacturing, trade and other issues of importance to this slice of America. This is not unlike what had happened with the Brexit vote in the UK, where the post-industrial belt throughout the country voted overwhelmingly to leave the EU. The plight of these blue collar workers is now in the national spotlight again. This article focuses on the price in terms of emotional and psychological health that middle America had paid as the political and liberal elites sidelined them.

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