The Age Of Rudeness

The Age Of Rudeness.

Rachel Cusk walks us through her experiences, as she philosophises on what rudeness in its various forms mean, how it impacts those who were its victims, and the reactions of those who happened to witness the incidents. These everyday, common characterisations of human frailties grate and intimidate all of us in different ways, but we are in some ways blind to our own rudeness, from time-to-time, as our emotions overwhelm us, rightly or wrongly in a defensive posture, to a point where we are unable to empathise with our victim(s). We all distinctly know when someone has been rude with us, at times just a look would trigger this sense, but what exactly does it represent as certain degrees of rudeness may be interpreted as truth-telling. The range of synonyms applied in its description is wide and these are just a smattering from one dictionary: discourteousness, discourtesy, lack of manners, bad manners, impoliteness, impertinence, impudence, insolence, effrontery, audacity, presumptiousness, cheekiness, incivility, disrespectfulness, churlishness, crassness, curtness, brusqueness, bluntness, ungraciousness, brashness, sharpness, abusiveness, tactlessness, lack of diplomacy, ungentlemanly behaviour, unladylike behaviour, boorishness, uncouthness, back talk, smart mouth, and sass. How we interpret these synonyms is another matter altogether!

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