Mapping Unchartered Territories

Mapping Unchartered Territories.

The word “mapping” has gone beyond its original cartographical reference point, as its mooring now are much broader than just limited to geographical data collection. This lengthy article describes pioneering surveys beyond geography into where diseases begin and how they eventually spread through the population and environment, and the investigation of the cosmos – the one astronomical region where no man has ever travelled across beyond our Moon. Lois Parshley takes us on a literal journey which encompassed the geographic mapping of the unexplored shorelines of Greenland with Sigurdur Jonsson on the Aurora sloop; charting the mysteries of black holes in the universe from an Antarctic South Pole Neutrino Observatory with Naoko Kurahashi Neilson; plotting regions of the uncharted universe from the Very Large Array Radio Telescope in the plains of St Augustin in New Mexico with Robert Becker; studying the largest unexplored expanse of the Earth – the sea floors, with oceanographers like Alan Mix and Robert Ballard; and epidemiological mapping of strains of diseases, like cholera in Haiti after the devastating 7.0 magnitude earthquake in 2010 with Ivan Gayton, an MSF doctor, with the assistance of Google geolocate devices.

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