Less Is More

Less Is More.

In our materialistic environment, to be possessed by our possessions is not uncommon, and the inevitable consumerist outcome is either we keep changing our possessions for the latest new fade or fancy, or we are unable to relinquish them when they have outlived their usefulness. This article from the February 2017 issue of Reader’s Digest walks us through the meaning of living simply, with the least clutter around us. An obvious and necessary reminder, as we are normally acquisitive creatures. And before we know it, our storeroom is stocked with items that we have not used for months, if not years, and our wardrobe, stacked with clothes we have not worn for ages. In our last exercise about six months ago, I finally, despite some initial misgivings, donated 90% of my psychological manuals and books – over 400 books in total – to the Singapore Bible College for their budding Counselling Faculty. Some hard-pressed foreign students received a load of clothes, still in good condition, that we had not worn for the past six months.

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