12 Of The World’s Most Fascinating International Borders

12 Of The World’s Most Fascinating International Borders.

Travel+Leisure have profiled in this article 12 fascinating international borders drawn by cartographers generations ago. Cartography is not such a haphazard science, but of necessity, is a finely political balancing act. Take the Crimea for instance.

The recent conflict in Crimea, where Russia absorbed the Crimean Peninsula in the Ukraine, has brought to the forefront the process by which mapmakers respond to border changes. Julie Johnson from Bloomberg News has a short article about when and how cartographers update maps when borders change. Johnson noted that in the United States, most map making companies take the lead from the State Department in determining when to update border changes on their maps.  Other countries and commercial agencies have different approaches. Unless they are propagandists, cartographers are typically a conservative bunch, according to Jim Akerman, curator of maps for Chicago’s Newberry Library, whose collections range from ancient maps to almost every atlas, road and railroad map published by Rand McNally. “It matters where maps are made,” Akerman said. Some Russian mapmakers may be quick, following the plebiscite, to redraw borders to reassert a Russian claim to the territory dating to Catherine the Great, he said. “Others are very slow to make changes unless they’re supported by treaties.” Some map companies attempt to take a neutral approach when border disputes aren’t resolved. Google, which has had its fair share of political controversy over its cartography, opts to show border disputes with a dotted line.  It has also simply left areas blank when there is no consensus between countries, such as  Google’s refusal to name the gulf between Iran and the Arab Gulf states on Google Maps.

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