A Comprehensive Study On Marijuana’s Health Effects

A Comprehensive Study On Marijuana’s Health Effects.

National attitudes in the USA have changed in the last decade towards the use of once prohibited drugs like cannabis and marijuana are concerned. According to a survey on the Drug Use and Health in 2014, over 22 million people used marijuana, the most commonly used drug. In 2015, 11.8 percent of 8th-graders reported marijuana use in the past year and 6.5 percent were current users. Among 10th-graders, 25.4 percent had used marijuana in the past year and 14.8 percent were current users. Rates of use among 12th-graders were higher still: 34.9 percent had used marijuana during the year prior to the survey and 21.3 percent were current users; 6.0 percent said they used marijuana daily or near-daily. Medical emergencies possibly related to its use have also increased. Nationwide, 40% of adult males tested positive at the time of their arrest. Of adults 26 or older who used marijuana before age 15, 62% went on to use cocaine at some point in their lives; 9% went on to use heroin at least once; and 54% made some non-medical use of mind-altering prescription drugs. Next to alcohol, marijuana is the second most frequently found substance in the bodies of drivers involved in fatal automobile accidents. This article is one of the most comprehensive studies on marijuana use and its effects, both deleterious and positive aspects of its chemical compound.

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