Top 50 Countries Hardest To Be A Christian

Top 50 Countries Hardest To Be A Christian.

In the first 2017 Christian persecution report by Open Doors, the organisation’s 25th anniversary report, measuring the pressures faced by Christians in five spheres of life, namely, private, family, community, national and church, and levels of motivated violence, North Korea remains the most dangerous country for Christians, followed by nine Muslim majority nations. South and Southeast Asian countries, where nationalistic sentiments are on the increase and religion is used by political elements to further their own causes, are fast catching up in the levels of Christian persecution with the Middle Eastern and Sub-Saharan African countries. About 215 million Christians worldwide experience high, very high, or extreme levels of persecution. The two positive trends appear to be the return of Iraqi Christians to their historic homes after the defeat of Islamic militants in certain countries, and the slowing of the exodus by Middle East Christians from the region.

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