Microsoft Safety Moderators Suffer PTSD

Microsoft Safety Moderators Suffer PTSD.

Just watching others being injured, tortured or murdered, without participating in it, or surveying its gruesome aftermath, or being continually exposed to such incidents, can result in vicarious traumatisation. And when the symptoms are beyond the acute stage, it is categorised as post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. This is not uncommon especially for those who work in the helping and security professions like police, ambulance and fire services, nursing in the emergency wards, soldiers who had participated in military campaigns, and psychological services. In this article, online safety officials who regularly review horrific scenes to determine whether they should be censored from social media, inadvertently exposed themselves to vicarious traumatisation. Without appropriate psychological help, they will probably develop PTSD in time to come as may have happened in this article with Microsoft moderators.

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