Christian Iconography Being Revived By British Artist

Christian Iconography Being Revived By British Artist.

British painter Ian Knowles, who lives in Bethlehem, has been recovering the lost art of painting Christian icons, and this article gives us a brief update on his efforts and the place of icons in Palestine.

An icon (from Greek “image”) is a religious work of art, most commonly a painting, from Eastern Christianity. The most common subjects are Christ, Mary, saints or angels. Though especially associated with portrait style images concentrating on one or two main figures, the term is also used for most religious images in a variety of artistic media, including narrative scenes. Icons may also be cast in metal, carved in stone, embroidered on cloth, painted on wood, done in mosaic or fresco work, printed on paper or metal. Eastern Orthodox tradition holds that the creation of Christian images dates back to the very early days of Christianity, and there has been a continuous tradition since then. Modern academic art history considers that, while images may have existed earlier, the tradition can only be traced back to the 3rd century, and the images that survive from Early Christian art were often very different from later ones. Since then icons have had a great continuity of style and subject; far greater than in the images of the Western church.

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