The 79th Organ In Our Body Called the Mesentery

The 79th Organ In Our Body Called the Mesentery.

It is obvious that we have had the mesentery in our physiology for a long, long time, but its critical functions remained a mystery until recently. It is a continuous] set of tissues which is formed by the double fold of peritoneum that attaches the intestines to the wall of the abdomen. The term mesentery is used for the small intestine; and mesenteric organ is sometimes used to refer to the rest of the mesentery that incorporates the mesocolon, mesoappendix, mesosigmoid and mesorectum. The mesentery provides cover and protection to the organs inside the stomach. On occasion, the fatty tissue can become inflamed or scarred. When this occurs, the small or large intestine can be affected and the person suffering from the condition may experience stomach pain and other symptoms. The mesentery has not been recognised as the 79th organ of the human body.

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