Fact Checking Would Not Save Us From Fake News

Fact Checking Would Not Save Us From Fake News.

This well written piece of fact checking of fake news is an eye-opener for all, although in some respects, we have lived with it since time immemorial. Fact-checkers are also humans and as such do make mistakes, just like a recent Washington Post news publication on Russia’s hacking of the Democratic Party’s servers, which they admitted after publishing the article. The fact is that in the rush to be the first to get the news out, most newspaper agencies may have compromised this aspect of research. It no longer implies that if the majority of agencies publish a similar piece of information, the news is factual. This is even more critical when news agencies are under the control of governments – then most of what is published might be ‘fake news,’ especially domestic news. Fake news, if swallowed literally, can have catastrophic results, and this piece points that out too. At the end of the day, it is the reputation and credibility of the journalistic professions and the news media that is being determined. After some while, one learns either to ignore certain news media, as the writers and editors had discredited themselves too many times, or to continue to swallow hook-line-and sinker their output, and dispensing with our critical faculty of discernment.

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