Lessons From An Informed Patient

Lessons From An Informed Patient.

In today’s environment, as has always been in the past, let the buyer beware – it is up to the patient to take responsibility for his own health care decisions irrespective of he his doctors’ opinions. This choice should never be left to the specialists alone. Be informed, ask the inevitable questions, and get a second opinion, if necessary. Be aware that there are always options to some of the more sophisticated investigative medical procedures, which are not always necessary. At times an expensive and up-to-date treatment strategy may be the answer. The prognosis, including the process of recovery and the expectation of an improved quality of life ought to govern any decision. Near end of life decisions are always the most difficult to make and if a dispassionate and honest decision is required, then perhaps the question to put forward to the advising doctor would be, “What would you do if you found yourself in a similar situation?” Never be held to ransom in any decision concerning our families and us.This article by Laura Landro provides some advice on how decisions ought to be made in consultation with medical specialists.

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