2016 The Year Of The Hack

2016 The Year Of The Hack.

One of the major pieces of news this year had been the penetrative cyber-attacks that had us all wondering what it is going to be like in 2017. Is this a new phase of warfare that we are facing that had been developing over the last few years, but publicly unrecognized by our governments and organisations? The ease with which large commercial and internet companies had been hacked, made us wonder whether our personal data would ever be protected once it is out on the internet. This level of malicious and sophisticated thievery is unprecedented, and national security agencies of various countries seem to be a part of this global exploitation. The fact that it has been so invasive indicated how technically unprepared many of the world’s largest enterprises had been in their efforts or lack of it, to protect their secure data. Apparently, it is going to get worse! Let us all beware.

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