The Battle Against Modern-Day Slavery in Hong Kong

The Battle Against Modern-Day Slavery in Hong Kong.

Modern slavery is defined as a situation when one person possesses or controls another person in such a way as to significantly deprive that person of their individual liberty, with the intention of exploiting that person through their use, profit, transfer or disposal. According to Walk Free Foundation (WFF), 45.8 million people are enslaved worldwide, where one in three is a 5 or 6 year-old child, and over half are women and girls. Slavery generates US$150 million in illegal profits per year, with some of our luxury and household brands contributing to this profiteering. The WFF, who highlighted this information, has the very ambitious – but critically important – goal of ending modern slavery, in every country, and in all its forms. They believe that the pathway to ending modern slavery is building a mass movement of people campaigning around the world, to build public awareness and mobilise decision-makers to make ending slavery a priority.

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