The Psychology Of Hate

The Psychology Of Hate.

After the genocidal interlude perpetrated by the Nazis in World War II, the expression “Never Again” became a familiar catchphrase. Yet, during the last 50 years, society has witnessed staggering numbers of brutal and hateful conduct. The news media continue to bombard us daily with reports of bigoted factions worldwide murdering members of minority groups, genocide in Rwanda, mass killing in Bosnia and Timor-Leste, ethnic and polemical wars in South Sudan, Iraq, Syria and Yemen, and the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. These are not irrational or randomless acts, but cautiously planned and coordinated acts of aggression. Underlying these events is a widespread and perilous human emotion: hate. This article is a very long read, informing us that the heart of humanity is sick to its core. Many of those whom we have entrusted with authority and governance continue to perpetrate atrocities and the annihilation of their own citizens. Decisions are made that at times mark us lower than the wild creatures we put behind zoological enclosures and cages; they do not kill as wantonly as we do. Our disregard for personhood, fuelled by hate, jealousy, and pride is the root of monstrous political and social decisions that harm us all.

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